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Gordon! Man, am I glad to see you!
What the hell are these things? And why are they wearing science team uniforms?
- Security Guard fighting a Zombie

The Zombie is a common enemy in Sven Co-op that appear to be mutated NPCs. They are the the result of parasitic headcrabs that have taken over their hosts body and mutating them. They are hostile and will pursue the player to attack them on sight.

Zombies are usually encountered alone, blocking certain paths and generally impede the players progression or ambush the player around corners. They are very easy to fight: they are slow moving and lack any range in their attacks, so a few well placed shots to the head with a pistol will kill them quickly enough- using other weapons may be a waste of valuable ammunition. The most frequently encountered variety will be the Zombie Scientist, possibly because scientists are unarmed and cannot defend themselves from headcrabs, as apposed to security guards and soldiers who are indeed armed and can easily kill headcrabs. The rarest variant, the Zombie Soldier, is quicker than the other two variants.

Black Mesa Scientist · Security Guard
HECU Grunt · Engineer · Medic · Sergeant
Black Ops Female Assassin · Male Assassin · Bodyguard
Aliens Alien Controller · Alien Grunt · Alien Slave ·

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