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The Uzi Machine Pistol is an automatic handgun used in Sven Co-op. It is a weapon that can be dual wielded to allow players to deliver more firepower than what the MP5 Submachine Gun is capable of: while the MP5 focuses on accuracy and precision, the Uzi relies on a higher dps, making the Uzi a strong competitor, albeit with a higher spread. As such, players will use it as an alternative for the MP5, but it's not an easy find, in some maps, it's rare, and picking it up is difficult.


Uzi View Solo.png
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The Uzi is a 9mm machine pistol, capable of firing fast. It has the highest ammo capacity of any 9mm weapon, holding 2 bullets more than the MP5. However it is not as accurate as the MP5, and is best suited for close combat. Despite it's reduced accuracy, a second Uzi can be deployed and dual wieded, effectively doubling its rate of fire and increasing its damage output. However this makes the gun even more inaccurate, and drains ammunition very quickly.

Difference between users

If the user is not a donor, the weapon is black and the damage output is weak.

If the user of this is a donor, a mapper of the team, a playtester, developer, or a member of the SC team, these will be automatically be gold, and has a damage bonus of 1 point. These users can optionally switch off the gold (or "gilled") skin, but the damage bonus is retained.



  1. It's used for close spaces, so use it face to face
  2. Always try to dual wield when possible
  3. If close to enemies, back up and continue to fire


  1. Since Bodyguards are the only ones using these, kill them from afar
  2. Flush out bodyguards with grenades
  3. Use high calibered weapons like the assault rifle at long range
  4. Shotguns have a higher damage output in close range. Switch to it when forced to engage in close range


  • The gun's model is based on the Mini Uzi in reality: the standard Uzi submachine gun has a collapsing stock and a longer barrel, the in-game weapon has a folding stock with a shorter barrel and foregrip, a typical configuration of the Mini Uzi. Despite this the gun retains the standard Uzi's rate of fire of 600rpm, as opposed to the Mini Uzi's 1000rpm- the dual wielding function compensates for this.
  • The option to dual wield the Uzis is not always available. This is entirely dependant on a server's map config settings: the string mp_no_akimbo_uzis will enable or disable dual wielding with the values 0 and 1 respectively. Whether the Uzi appears at all in a level for use is up to the mapper.


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