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Welcome, I'm Outerbeast. As well as being the main editor, I manage and oversee all the contributions made to the wiki.

While my skills in wiki design are limited, my key strengths are in content organization/addition and editing text.

Currently, the wiki requires expansion work under the areas of:

  • Entities (allies, enemies, items and resources, map functions etc)
  • Technical guides (server operations, mapping etc)

The Weapons section is almost finished, with all of the standard weapons having pages. However a few articles need further expansion on the main body text and the weapon's statistics.

If you have any queries regarding editing articles or the wiki in general, you can leave a post on my message wall, contact me through live chat, or if you want more direct interaction (or even if you are looking for a game of Sven Co-op!), you can always find me on

I also port Half-Life single player maps and campaigns to Sven Co-op- if you have a request for a conversion you can contact me via the links provided.

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