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Hey, over here!
Eat lead, you outer space octopus!
- A Security Guard hopelessly fights the Tentacle before being killed

The Tentacle is a boss enemy in Sven Co-op. It is a large, segmented worm-like creature that is completely blind: it instead uses sound to locate its enemies and attacks them with its sharp beak-like protrusion. Players have to sneak around by walking or crawling to avoid alerting the Tentacle. Despite having a health count, it cannot be killed, meaning that players must go around it quietly and using hand grenades to distract it. The Tentacles are typically found in clusters.

While it is immortal, it can be temporarily stunned by attacking the stalk with choice weaponry, until Tentacle retreats into its burrow for a brief period of time- this essentially requires it's health to be reduced to 0. However, this is dangerous as it will immediately attack the position from which weapons are being fired upon it, so players must ensure they do this outside their range of attack or while the tentacles are otherwise distracted.


Fire the...rocket engine.
Destroy the damned thing before it grows any larger...!
- A dying Scientist instructs the player on how to kill the Tentacle

In the Half-Life campaign Chapter 5: Blast Pit, three Tentacles invade the rocket engine test silo, and must be killed in order to progress through to the next level. To do this, the rocket engine inside the silo must be fired after restoring power, fuel and oxidiser to the engine. The blast from the rocket engine will destroy the Tentacles and allow entry to the lower levels.

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