The Tau Cannon, more commonly known as the Gauss Gun is a highly dangerous experimental weapon used in Sven Co-op. It is a portable particle accelerator that fires intense rays of Tau-particles that are highly precise and deals immense amounts of damage with pinpoint accuracy. This, along with the HECU RPG are the most effective weapons that can destroy vehicles.


Gauss view
U-235 Cell
Made by Black Mesa scientists to cause extreme damage using Uranium-235 cells as ammunition to power the device. Primary fire shoots rays costing 2 cells, but it's main name to be a WMD is in its charged beam: the longer the charge, the more powerful it gets.

The beam can penetrate through solid objects, killing anybody (and possibly gibbing) what it hits, but this has its drawbacks: firing charged beams produces very high recoil, similar to being kicked down, however this can be used to propel the user in what is called "gauss jumping" (Note: this feature can be disabled in a server).

Players much charge the Tau Cannon at their peril: overcharging this weapon will overheat it and cause a backfire, damaging the user. If it begins to overcharge, fire it to avoid receiving damage. This will waste ammunition, so players must identify their targets beforehand.

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