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About Sven Co-op

Sven Co-op is a game that focuses on co-operation, teamwork to fight computer controlled enemies and solve puzzles. It is built on Svengine, an updated version of the GoldSrc engine which the original Half-Life games are built on. It features and combines all Half-life, Opposing Force and Blue Shift campaigns in one game, and features many more custom maps and campaigns made by the development team and the modding community. The aim of most levels is to reach the end or to achieve an objective -- obtaining a high score is not essential to beat a level, it's just part of the fun.

Weapon of the Week

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Did You Know?....

  • That the Minigun was supposed to be in Half-Life, along with the HW Grunt?
  • That the Kingpin was cut enemy from Half-Life that was re-added as a boss enemy?

Images of SC in action

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Check out the official Sven Co-op Discord channel and get involved in the development of Sven Co-op, or just for banter!

Sven Co-op Gear
9mm-pistol.png Revolver.png Uzi.png Desert-eagle.png
9mm Pistol Revolver Uzi Desert Eagle

Light arms
MP5.png Shotgun.png M16A2.png
Submachine Gun Shotgun Assault Rifle
Saw.png Sniper-rifle.png
Chain Gun Sniper Rifle
Special Weapons
Crossbow.png Rocket Launcher.png Minigun.png
Crossbow Rocket Launcher Minigun
Tau Cannon.png Gluon Gun.png Displacer Cannon.png
Tau Cannon Gluon Gun Displacer Cannon
Alien weapons
Hivehand.png Shock Roach.png Spore Launcher.png
Hivehand Shock Roach Spore Launcher
Barnacle Grapple.png Snark.png
Barnacle Grapple Snarks
Hand-grenade.png Tripmine.png C4.png
Hand Grenade Laser Tripmine Satchel Charge
Crowbar.png Pipe-wrench.png Knife.png
Crowbar Pipewrench Knife



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