Sven Co-opedia Wiki

Sven Co-opedia is a wiki devoted to all players of Sven Co-op, and provides all info on all weapons, characters, and maps, to enable SC players have an increased knowledge of their favourite game. We also aim to help out fellow wiki editors here and make them welcome.

Users are encouraged to add text, images, add new pages, categorize and help design the wiki freely.

The Laws

The wiki itself has several goals:


In the wiki, all members are friendly and not hostile, as observed by the admin, and will provide aid to an inexperienced editor, or a member.


In the wiki, all members are responsible to react, and in case of problems with hostile users, the admin has full rule to give in specific enforcement

Integrity and Safety of the Wiki

All of the pages here can be edited, and we strongly encourage users to so, but most pages require registered users to be able to edit.

In case of vandalism, the admin will undo the edits as usual, but upon subsequent attempts at vandalization, admins will perform the following actions to maintain the quality and standards and that the rules and guidelines are abided:

  • A warning
  • Protection of articles
  • Temporary block

If users fail to conform after these sanctions, it will result in a permanent ban.