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The MP5 Submachine Gun is a common weapon in Sven Co-op. It is a compact machine gun that will provide moderate firepower, proving to be sufficient for any combat situation. It is the standard issue infantry weapon for HECU soldiers, and is best used by players as a general purpose firearm.


MP5 View.PNG

30 round stick magazine

It is a fully automatic machine gun that fires 9x19mm Parabellum rounds from a 30-round magazine, allowing a user to carry a lot of ammunition. It has a moderate rate of fire and a quick reload time that enables it to be an effective assault weapon.

The gun is best utilized for mid range combat, as the gun suffers from poor accuracy at long range, and lacks the stopping power at close range. However, it sports a new attachment to compensate for this. With the addition of an optic, the weapon's effective range can be extended somewhat: the user can now zoom in and obtain a much better sight picture of their targets to increase accuracy. Do note that this does not provide the level of magnification that the Crossbow or the M40A1 more powerful scopes provide.


  • Ammunition is plentiful: magazines are common to find and can be picked up from soldiers.
  • Shares ammo with the 9mm Pistol and the Uzi. Pistol magazines can replenish ammunition for the MP5
  • Can carry a lot of ammunition- has a large capacity of 250 rounds
  • Quick reload time
  • Long range targets can be engaged with sights zoomed in


  • Poor accuracy for long range- consider switching to the pistol instead
  • Risky when using in close quarter combat because of lack of stopping power- consider switching to the shotgun
  • Using the Pistol or Uzi drains ammunition for the MP5, since the MP5 shares the same ammo pool with the aforementioned guns. Stick with one gun to avoid sudden ammunition shortages.


  1. Use the sights when hidden or engaging targets at longer ranges
  2. Use headshots to maximize damage output- useful for close combat
  3. Empty your magazine at one target
  4. If engaging at long range, zoom in and use single shots or bursts


  1. Use high caliber weapons like the assault rifle
  2. Sniper rifles and crossbows can take enemies down from long range.
  3. Use the same weapon versus Soldiers- you will be rewarded with ammunition you have used up


  • Disabling the zoom function requires the cvar weaponmode_mp5 1 in the a map's cfg file. It can be put in the server cfg to disable the zoom for all maps. This is useful for reskins of the weapon that do not feature the scope.
  • The weapon's texture shows detail of a 3 round burst fire option on the selector, however such a feature does not exist for the gun in-game. 3 round burst is accomplished by the assault rifle.
  • The original MP5 from Half-Life used a 50 round magazine, had a suppressor and a grenade launcher attachment. It was based on the MP5SD.

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