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The Spore Launcher is an alien bio-weapon in Sven Co-op. It appears to be a fish-like organism with two stubby limbs- it is in fact a larva Shock Trooper.


Spore Launcher View.png

As a weapon, it functions as a biological grenade launcher that fires highly toxic spores that when explode, showers targets in strong acid, killing them quickly. If targets are not killed outright, they will be poisoned and continue to take damage for a couple of seconds.The acid splash is also extremely dangerous to the user as well- it will quickly damage and poison the user if they are not careful to maintain a safe distance between themselves and their targets. The spore grenades explode instantly upon contact with players or npcs- otherwise it has a roughly 3 second fuse time before it detonates.

A spore

It has two modes of fire: primary fire launches a slow, lobbed projectile that can be used to engage enemies around angles. This is extremely useful for indirectly dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies on platforms above or below and are otherwise out of sight. The secondary fire launches a straighter, faster projectile that can be used to engage targets directly. The weapon reloads by feeding it spores- up to 8 in total. The user can carry 30 in reserve, which can be replenished by touching bulbous growths that appear on walls in some places.

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