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Snarks are small, insect-like aliens originating from the dimension Xen. They can be thrown and used as weapons, and/or act as attention-getting decoys. They are typically used by Alien Grunts by deploying Snark Nests that are mobile and will burst on contact releasing a swarm of angry Snarks at players.


Snark View.png

Snarks can be found in Snark Nests. Collecting these nests grants the player with 5 Snarks. Throwing a Snark will leave it to hop around, attacking friend or foe for 2 damage per bite. Snarks will simply attack the player immediately once thrown, if no enemies are around. This means that the player should be aware of their surroundings before throwing any Snarks.

Throwing many Snarks at enemies may not eliminate them as quick as using normal weapons, but can provide an excellent distraction. After 20 seconds of being thrown, Snarks will jump up and explode, spraying acid everywhere at short range.

Because friendly fire is generally disabled in Sven Co-op, players will not be able to hurt each other with snarks, but can still damage themselves with their own snarks. Snarks can be disposed of with conventional weapons, though shooting them is very tricky due to their erratic movement and small size.

If the user is a donor or team member the secondary function will create a Chumtoad allied to the player team at the cost of 10 snarks. The Chumtoad will follow its creator, can be healed, can be revived, and can fight enemies using toxic purple clouds. The player can instruct their Chumtoad where to go using the NPC commands "npc_moveto" and "npc_attackmytarget" just like with any other allied NPC. Only one Chumtoad can exist for each player at a time. (Subsequent creations will destroy the previous one.) -- Team member Chumdoads differ from donors only in that theirs have 333 hitpoints instead of 100.

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