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What is that, doc?!
- Security Guard
I don't know! I've never seen that species before!

- Scientist

The Shock Trooper is an alien enemy featured in Sven Co-op.

As their name implies, these highly intelligent creatures use electrical attacks from a weapon called the Shock Roach. In addition, they are able to regurgitate spores that they can throw as a hand grenade, which explodes after a brief period of time in a shower of acid that can poison players quickly.

When a Shock Trooper dies it will drop the Shock Roach it was holding, which can be picked up again by players.

Technical Information


  • "weapons" "w", when w equals:
256: Shockroach (not dropped on death)


"spawnflags" "s", when s equals:

32 : SquadLeader
1024: No Shockroach Drop
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