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You dead, you hear me?!
- The Sergeant

The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit Sergeant is a heavily armed HECU Marine packing serious firepower. Armed with a Minigun and imposing stature, he is a force to be reckoned with.


A standard marine trained to carry the Minigun like a piece of pipe, short to say, he's like a grunt on steroids and more firepower to boot. Although carrying a powerful weapon, he trades it off for slow movement: when firing, he is completely immobile making him vulnerable when alone. Nevertheless, he is highly fearsome in a group. In addition, he has an equally powerful sidearm, the Desert Eagle, should he drop his minigun.


He carries the Minigun, but this has several drawbacks:

  • The gun is heavy, making him move slowly
  • When firing, he cannot move at all, he is quite vulnerable alone, but beware of a group containing this type, if a group is mainly consisting of these, then retreat back or get more grunts to help.

If his minigun should be knocked out of his hands with an explosive, he must resort to using sidearms such as the Desert Eagle, Revolver, or Pistol.

Technical Information


The Sergeant will always have a minigun equipped and cannot be changed. The following keyvalues only change the sidearm he is equipped with.

  • "weapons" "w", when w equals:
0: Pistol/Desert Eagle/.357 Python (randomized)
1: Pistol
2: Desert Eagle
3: .357 Python
  • Disable Minigun Drop- "disable_minigun_drop" "0/1": By default this is set to 0 (the hwgrunt drops the minigun). Select 1 to disable minigun dropping.


The Sergeant (E-5) has a higher paygrade than a corporal like Adrian Shephard (E-4), but a lower paygrade to drill instructors like Dwight T. Barnes and Sharpe (E-7 or E-8).

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