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Pit Drones are small, bipedal alien enemies that are encountered in Sven Co-op. They are fast, nimble and agile enemies that quickly make up distance with the player to slash them with their long scythe-like claws. They also have an array of spines on what appears to be their forehead that they can propel at the player to sting them, making them dangerous even at range.

Pit Drones are able to replenish lost health if they find a dead body to feast on. They are even known to have a cannibalistic appetite: when not alerted by players, they will eat a dead Pit Drone carcass should they find one in their vicinity.


Pit Drones are very aggressive enemies. The most effective away to deal with them is to fight them around corners. They are very dangerous in close quarters, especially when they are in packs they can easily overwhelm players. Players should use weapons like the submachine gun to avoid close confrontation. The shotgun can be effective with taking down several of them in quick succession, but is much riskier and requires supporting fire.

Technical Information


  • Initial Ammo- "initammo" "a": Sets the number of spikes the Pit Drone has, a can be any value from 1 to 6.
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