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multi_manager is a map function in Sven Co-op. It is a point entity that acts as a much more sophisticated trigger_relay, in that multiple entities can be triggered from it once activated, a maximum of 64 entities can be targeted within a multi_manager. Below is a template of the code:-

"classname" "multi_manager"
"targetname" "target_me"
"entity1" "t#x"
"entity2" "t#x"
"entityn" "t#x"

The targetnames of entities to be triggered are listed as keys themselves and the arguments are defined as keyvalues "t#x" where t is the delay in seconds after at which the targeted entity is to be activated, and x defines the triggerstate of the target entity, which is either a value of 0, 1 or 2- 0 is to toggle an entity's active state (this is by default, the value #0 can be omitted), 1 is to explicitly activate the entity and 2 is to killtarget the entity, effectively deleting it.


  • If the multi_manager must be deleted after use in a similar fashion to trigger_relay, simply set it to target itself with the triggerstate #2 which will killtarget itself (basically "suicide"), being careful to ensure that it is the last thing to be triggered in the list of targetnames.
  • Removing a multi_manager from the game while it is running results in it properly ceasing all of its triggering-actions. A running multi_manager entity cannot be stopped through other means than removing it.
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