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The Medkit (or Medikit) is the only tool used in Sven Co-op. It is new in Sven Co-op, that provides the player an opportunity to play medic.


Medkit View.png

The Medkit heals other players and friendly NPCs for 10 HP and revive dead players giving them 50 HP, so long as they haven't been gibbed upon death. Additionally, healing players will reward the user 2 HP per 10 Units used in return. Healing will be given instantaneously to players, but the defibrillator has a delay of 3 seconds before reviving dead players- this introduces a certain risk in tense combat situations because it requires the user to lower their guard.

However the player holding it cannot heal themselves and must rely on AI medics such as Scientists or other players, and use health packs and health chargers in levels. To call the attention of other players to heal or revive you when dead, use the Call Medic key. This will also alert medic NPCs to come to your aid to heal or resuscitate you, should there be any in the vicinity.

The medkit will start off fully charged at 100 HP and will deduct the equivalent value of health given when healing or reviving players- when this reaches 0, the medkit will be unable to heal or revive, in which case the user must wait for the medkit to slowly recharge to be used again. If the user's health is 100 when using a health charger, the Medkit will be charged instead.

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