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The United States Navy Hospital Corpsman, more commonly known as the Medic, is an AI character aligned to the HECU seen in Sven Co-op. They are support infantry, capable of tending to wounds to in the battlefield, players needing aid gets the medics' attention, coming in up close to heal wounds.


As the name implies, they are medical specialists, they heal wounds in the battlefield, and they can revive dead players. They carry unlimited medical supplies, but forcing medics to carry handguns as their standard self-defense weapon, their vulnerability means they must be kept behind the front lines, as their weapons are useless against automatic weapons, and aside from that, they, like regular infantry, can dodge grenades thrown in their direction.


They carry unlimited first aid supplies, but only carry sidearms, Desert Eagles or M9s in this case, so players must cover them to proceed. They are certainly of no other use than healing and reviving, but proven to be useful if the player is seriously hurt.


Technical Information


"weapons" "w", when w equals:

1: Desert Eagle
2: Pistol
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