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Just like the grunts, the male assassins have various load-outs. However, they are stronger, faster, and highly trained. They will not speak during combat allowing them to attack you when unexpected. Don't let them get too close as their martial arts ability is as efficient as their weaponry. If Male Assassins have blue camo they are allies and shouldn't be attacked.

Technical Information


"weapons" "w", when w equals:

1: MP5
2: Hand grenade (use weapon value + 2 to enable)
4: AR grenade launcher (uses M16A2 when classic mode is disabled, otherwise MP5)
8: Sniper rifle
16: None / Melee
256: Sniper rifle (not dropped on death)


'"body" "b", when b equals:

0: White skin, MP5
1: Black skin, MP5
2: Nightvision goggles, MP5
3: White skin, sniper rifle
4: Black skin, sniper rifle
5: Nightvision goggles, sniper rifle
6: White skin, unarmed
7: Black skin, unarmed
8: Nightvision goggles, unarmed


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