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A powerful variant of the Small Mounted Turret. These things can tear through low health enemies with ease, and can drain your health dramatically without armor. It has a powerful minigun but is slow to deploy and turn towards targets, use this to your advantage to evade. They will switch off and retreat back to it's enclosure after not seeing a target for a minute. Use the Shotgun to take it out easily, if you're very close to it. As an ally turret, these things are one of the most important allies that you could find useful. When damaged you can use the Pipe Wrench to repair it.

Black Mesa Scientist · Security Guard
HECU Grunt · Engineer · Medic · Sergeant
Black Ops Female Assassin · Male Assassin · Bodyguard
Aliens Alien Controller · Alien Grunt · Alien Slave ·

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Machines Large Mounted Turret · Small Mounted Turret · Sentry Turret · Robot Grunt