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The Kingpin is a boss enemy encountered in Sven Co-op. It is a large worm-like creature that appears to have a very large brain on its dorsal side, and has two large, scythe-like claws that are not unlike the Pit Drone's claws and are used in a similar fashion. It can move around by slithering on the ground or via teleportation. When (if) it dies, it will self-destruct in a manner similar to the Gargantua.


It is the most elite boss in the game, far surpassing the Gargantua in terms of its threat level. It is extremely hostile and will use its lighting attack to kill unarmored players instantly- unlike alien slaves that charge up their lightning bolts, the Kingpin can (and will) zap players the instant players come into its line of sight. As such, it is important to stay out of sight of this beast at all times and to engage it around corners and above cover.

That being said, you'd think that you can hide from this thing forever? Wrong. It will use its teleportation and homing plasma balls to chase players down and turn them into thin paste. You can't run, you can't hide. Tough beans, Billy.

So we just have to gun this thing down before it decimates the entire team, right? Wrong again, stupid. The Kingpin has a shield that is used to absorb bullet damage so your chintzy smg will do screw all, it will just laugh at you. When the shields do go down, players must have high damage per bullet weapons to use such as the shotgun, sniper rifle or revolver and use headshots to take as much health as possible before its shields go back up.

Right, damn it then, we can use explosives! It won't stand a chance! For the final time, WRONG. It deflects any kind of explosive projectiles including RPG rockets.

So just give up already. You can't hide from it, you can't run away from it, you can't even fight it- but you can attack it with energy weapons such as the Tau Cannon, the Gluon Gun or the Displacer Cannon. Any of those 3 things alone are its kryptonite, but these won't always be available when this thing decides to spawn and ruin your day.

Good luck.


  • The Kingpin was a cut enemy from Half-Life and it didn't have a programmed AI. It has been fully adapted as a functioning enemy in Sven Co-op 4.5.
  • The Kingpin is voiced by Josh Polito.
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