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Handguns are one-handed weapons that are used as sidearms. These are the last resort weapons if their primary counterparts have ran out of ammo or are otherwise ineffective for the task. In SC, there are four handguns to select.

The Four Handguns
9mm-pistol.png Revolver.png Uzi.png Desert-eagle.png
9mm Pistol Revolver Uzi Desert Eagle
  • Beretta M9 9mm Pistol- the most accurate but the weakest in SC, which has a magazine capacity of 17 rounds. This is primarily used to deal with enemies that are outside of the SMG's effective range, or where fully automatic fire of the SMG is too wasteful of ammunition for the task.
  • Revolver- a powerful handgun, it has the smallest clip size, but it carries powerful .357 magnum bullets. This is best used to take down enemies at long range or around difficult corners to avoid engaging them directly.
  • Uzi- a 9mm Parabellum machine pistol that has a generous magazine capacity of 32 rounds, and it has a high rate of fire. If the user is a donator, these become golden, giving more damage. These can be dual wielded for more firepower.
  • Desert Eagle- a powerful pistol, like the Mag, it packs .357 magnum bullets, but another round in the clip, and is equipped with a laser sight to be deployed for accurate, precise shooting.
Handguns Pistol Icon.png 9mm Pistol · Revolver Icon.png Revolver · Uzi Icon.png Uzi · Desert Eagle Icon.png Desert Eagle
Light arms MP5 Icon.png Submachine Gun · Shotgun Icon.png Shotgun · M16 Icon.png Assault Rifle ·

SAW Icon.png Chain Gun · Sniper Rifle Icon.png Sniper Rifle

Special weapons Crossbow Icon.png Crossbow · Rocket Launcher Icon.png Rocket Launcher · Minigun Icon.png Minigun ·

Tau Cannon Icon.png Tau Cannon · Gluon Gun Icon.png Gluon Gun · Displacer Cannon Icon.png Displacer Cannon

Alien weapons Hivehand Icon.png Hivehand · Shock Roach Icon.png Shock Roach · Spore Launcher Icon.png Spore Launcher ·

Barnacle Icon.png Barnacle Grapple · Snark Icon.png Snark

Explosives Hand Grenade Icon.png Hand Grenade · Tripmine Icon.png Laser Tripmine · C4 Icon.png Satchel Charge
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