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The Gonome is an enemy in Sven Co-op which appears to be a zombie in the advanced stages of its mutation. They are much larger than the typical zombie, and are much faster. They are extremely hostile, and will pursue players upon sight while slashing them with its long claws. Gonomes are able to replenish health by feasting on dead players.


This absolute abomination is very resistant to pain. High damage weapons like the shotgun and SAW are the best weapons to use since these enemies fight in close range and they are large enough targets to negate the weapon's spread. Using assault rifle grenades can also prove very useful, taking a large chunk of health from the Gonome.

If a Gonome starts to pursue a player, another player can chase after it and blast it down with the shotgun or provide sustained fire with the squad automatic weapon to take it down.

If cornered by a Gonome, do not switch to a melee weapon. Instead, use the shotgun's automatic mode to make use of its knockback and high damage output to quickly destroy it.

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