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game_end is a very simple map function that when triggered, ends the game, at which point all active entities will stop working and the scoreboard is displayed. The server will then revert to the mapcycle to load the next map. This entity is should be used in the final level of a map series.

This entity replaces the now obsolete brush entity trigger_endsection, which instead ends the game entirely instead of the map itself. While this entity works in Sven Co-op, the effect is undesirable, as it will disconnect players from a server to the title screen, which of course made sense originally in Half-Life. This is to be considered when converting Half Life maps to Sven Co-op. Should you find a trigger_endsection for the last map in a campaign (that has the spawnflag 1 enabled), simply replace the classname with "game_end" and remove it's "model" keyvalue.

If the trigger_endsection is not set to "use only", then you must change it to a trigger_once and create a new game_end that is targeted by this trigger once.

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