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game_counter is an entity in Sven Co-op that triggers its target after the entity is triggered a set number of times. An On/Toggle trigger increase the count by 1 and an Off trigger will deduct 1 from the count.

"classname" "game_counter"
"frags" "f"
"health" "h"
"spawnflags" "s"
"target" "target_entity"
"targetname" "targetme"

The initial value is set using the "frags" key from which to begin counting from, the limit value that is required for the count to reach to trigger the target is set using "health". Alternatively a separate game_counter_set entity can be used for this.


"spawnflags" "s", when s equals:-

  • 1 - Remove on Fire: the game_counter will delete itself after triggering its target.
  • 2 - Reset On fire: the count will reset to the initial value "frags" once it triggers its target.
  • 4 - Fire if over limit: The target will only trigger when the count exceeds the limit value.
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