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Who needs a locksmith, eh Shephard?
- The Engineer, breaking into locked doors

The Engineer is an HECU Marine unit seen in Sven Co-op.


He is specialized to blow or cut doors open for fellow soldiers to get through, his large gas canister makes him a potential hazard in the battlefield, not just costing his life, but the lives of other troops. He is best kept once the area is clear.


He utilizes a blowtorch with a large canister of highly pressurized gas, and wields a Desert Eagle, his gas can is placed in his back to replace the standard knapsack, this, makes him a potential target, especially when they are in groups, a bullet in the gas can can blow him up, killing or injuring the others.

Technical Information

"weapons" "w", when w equals:

1: Desert Eagle
2: Blowtorch (not a usable weapon, only used for scripted sequences)
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