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The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, more commonly referred to as the SAW or the Chain Gun, is a light and portable machine gun used in Sven Co-op that has a high firing rate. Carrying a generous reserve of ammunition, that can be deployed to deliver a large amount of damage for the entire duration of combat, whether fighting several enemies at once or fighting a large alien.


Chaingun View.PNG

As the weapon's name suggests, it is a fully automatic machine gun that can be used to provide supporting fire for a squad of players, as such it is best utilized as a defensive weapon for close to medium range combat.

5.56 ammo canister

It has a belt of 200 5.56 rounds and feeds off from a canister with a generous capacity of 600 rounds total, and makes this gun very dependable for support: The downside is from the large clip size comes a considerably high reload time.

In addition to its long reload time, the recoil becomes increasingly worse the longer it's fired, making it less than ideal in frontline combat, in which case the assault rifle has a better capability to deliver damage at longer ranges.


  • Holds 200 rounds per clip, making it more efficient for close quarters combat where other guns would ran out more quickly.
  • Ideal for for use against large enemies such as the Voltigore.


  • Poor accuracy from the recoil after firing several rounds.
  • Long reload time.


  • Aim for the head when in close-medium range.
  • When firing, use the bullet tracers to determine the point of aim, as recoil causes the weapon to rise.
  • Crouching mitigates recoil, increasing accuracy.
  • Ensure you are accompanied with players carrying more accurate weapons like the M16 or MP5 when fighting at a bigger range, otherwise switch to more a suitable weapon to avoid wasting ammo.
  • Find cover or retreat when you're going to reload.


  • Rush enemies with the Shotgun or throw Hand Grenades, to cause a knockback that will throw off their aim.
  • Take advantage of the long reload time of the weapon to counter-attack.
  • From mid/long range, use the the Submachine Gun or Assault Rifle.
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