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Sven Co-op has a variety of weaponry that players can use to suit their needs in any given combat situation. Ammunition for most weapons are not in plentiful supply, however ammunition can be shared among other players.

While firearms such as the Submachine Gun and the Shotgun are more commonly used for their adaptability to most if not all types of combat, there are many weapons that allow players to deal more damage, extend their range of attack and fight with enemies that are otherwise difficult to deal with standard issue firearms.

In addition to standard munitions, players can also commandeer heavy weapons and alien weapons from enemies.

Handguns Pistol Icon.png 9mm Pistol · Revolver Icon.png Revolver · Uzi Icon.png Uzi · Desert Eagle Icon.png Desert Eagle
Light arms MP5 Icon.png Submachine Gun · Shotgun Icon.png Shotgun · M16 Icon.png Assault Rifle ·

SAW Icon.png Chain Gun · Sniper Rifle Icon.png Sniper Rifle

Special weapons Crossbow Icon.png Crossbow · Rocket Launcher Icon.png Rocket Launcher · Minigun Icon.png Minigun ·

Tau Cannon Icon.png Tau Cannon · Gluon Gun Icon.png Gluon Gun · Displacer Cannon Icon.png Displacer Cannon

Alien weapons Hivehand Icon.png Hivehand · Shock Roach Icon.png Shock Roach · Spore Launcher Icon.png Spore Launcher ·

Barnacle Icon.png Barnacle Grapple · Snark Icon.png Snark

Explosives Hand Grenade Icon.png Hand Grenade · Tripmine Icon.png Laser Tripmine · C4 Icon.png Satchel Charge
Tools Medkit Icon.png Medkit · Crowbar Icon.png Crowbar · Pipe Wrench Icon.png Pipe Wrench · Knife Icon.png Knife

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