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The Bullsquid is a large, bipedal alien with a big tail that is encountered in Sven Co-op. They are tough to deal with at range and in close quarters, requiring lots of shots to take down.

They have a ranged spit attack and in close quarters, will charge at the player and attack the player with its tentacles- this characteristic earning their name. On occaision, they will use a tail whip attack that will gib players instantly.


The higher health of these enemies make direct engagement most of the time unsuitable. The best way to deal with these enemies is to stay out of their effective range and just pick them off with the 9mm Pistol or Assault Rifle. Should players be forced to engage in close quarters, the Shotgun is the best weapon to use: while a Bullsquid is charging, retreat while firing at the Bullsquid and make use of corners and angles while doing so. Avoid using melee weapons.

If they are hiding around angles, below/above in platforms out of view, or otherwise distracted with eating a corpse, one or two well placed hand grenades or a satchel charge are the safest and most effective methods to dispatch them- if they are in the proximity of environmental hazards such as explosive barrels and crates, as they often are, they should be intentionally set off and will be killed very easily from the blast.

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