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Alien Slaves, also known as Vortigaunts, are alien enemies in Sven Co-op. They use an electrical discharge to attack enemies and are able to do this at any range, so long as players remain in clear sight. Their attacks can't be stopped once it starts charging, so players should quickly find cover or kill the alien slave before it finishes charging. Alien slaves can also use their electric charge to revive other slaves, however revived slaves will have 50% of their health upon revival.



Lone alien slaves are easy to deal with: a few well placed shots to the head with the submachine gun or a single shotgun blast should kill them, however most of the time they are accompanied with other alien slaves, making them difficult to deal with in groups, as they use their reviving skills to quickly recover their support.

Injured Alien Slaves will retreat to safety, at which point players should take advantage to rush in and kill them before they attack again.

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