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The Alien Grunt is an alien enemy encountered in Sven Co-op. They are alien soldier units that are highly intelligent and co-operate with other Alien Grunts in combat.


Alien Grunt attacking

Unlike Alien Slaves that have electrical powers, these aliens instead use a bio-weapon called the Hivehand which fires homing projectiles. In addition they are able to deploy Snark nests at enemies, which burst upon contact with some very angry Snarks.

As well as being heavily armed, the armor of an alien grunt has high resistance to bullets and so players must shoot at exposed parts such as the torso to deal sufficient damage.

They can be spawned through teleportation or from alien flying vehicles- Xen Commanders can summon Alien Grunts at will. When a player gets killed by an Alien Grunt it will devour their dead body to regain all its health, but only if no other threats are around.

Technical Information


  • "weapons" "w", when w equals:
1 : "Hivehand Only"
3 : "Hivehand + Snarks"
8 : "Melee-Only"
10 : "Melee-Only + Snarks"
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